About VIP Gatekeeper

Political Giving. Maximum Impact.

VIPGateKeeper uncomplicates the act of political giving. Individual contributors and their trusted political advisors benefit from a single, streamlined and convenient process, designed to get strategic contributions where they need to be, when they need to be there.

VIPGateKeeper is a permission-based, invite-only platform where individual donors, or VIPs, can contribute quickly and directly to political candidates. In order to participate, VIPs and Gatekeepers receive invitations from each other only to join the site. Once accepted, the invitation links VIPs directly with Gatekeepers, allowing strategic political contributions requersts to be made and acted on quickly and efficiently. VIPs join the site by creating a fully refundable, pre-funded account, with a minimum starting balance of $5,000 USD – ensuring the platform is populated by top-tier contributors. As Gatekeepers see strategic contribution opportunities, they send custom requests to their pre-approved VIPs to quickly raise strategic contributions for key candidates and officeholders. VIPs simply approve contributions and funds are immediately transferred to candidates. Gatekeepers never touch any funds, ensuring donations go entirely to where they are needed, but Gatekeeprs can leverage these contributions to advance key policy objectives.

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