Strategic Political Contributions On Demand

VIPGateKeeper connects active, elite, top-tier political donors – VIP’s – with trusted, pre-approved political advisors – Gatekeepers – to maximize the impact of political giving. VIP’s and their Gatekeepers can quickly, easily and effectively drive support to candidates that share their policy agenda.

VIPGateKeeper empowers activists with the financial flexibility to react in real time, providing strategic hard dollar contributions at the touch of a button.



VIP donors interact only with pre-approved, trusted Gatekeepers to direct contributions to where they can make the most impact. Pre-funded accounts enable VIPs to instantly distribute and track funds to the specific candidates identified by their preferred Gatekeepers. VIPGateKeeper combines a fully transparent, trackable dashboard with tactical, targeted political giving. The ability to fund the right candidates, at the right times, increases the impact of political contributions exponentially — enabling you to build and maintain the right relationships for the future.

Make donations that count, when they count.

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Our expedited, push-button distribution provides candidates with instant financial support. Gatekeepers connect directly with active, committed donors, streamlining the fundraising process. By soliciting funds only from VIPs with pre-funded accounts, Gatekeepers eliminate lengthy delays in traditional fundraising – reacting quickly and nimbly when opportunities arise. Through VIPGateKeeper, much needed financial donations can be delivered directly to candidates within a matter of hours, not weeks.

Spend more time advancing critical policy, less time fundraising.

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